Genre Description: Using Art as Inspiration for Writing

In order to help you select your preferred genre track option during registration, please find below a brief genre course description. To do that, think both of the genre you want to learn about and your own sense of adventure or desire for specific skills. Whether you come to practice, improve your skills or learn new ones, these courses are geared to help you grow, think, reflect and be inspired.

"Start With Art: Releasing Your Secret Writer"

You're one of those who see a narrative in pictures, but never put that story to paper. Or you find yourself studying an image, thinking to yourself: That's a poem. But perhaps you've been nervous about stepping into the role, putting your language to paper. You are the secret writer. This course is an easy way to release that secret writer and give it the attention it deserves. In this class, you'll use images (from famous paintings to experimental photographs) to tap into a story you want to tell, the poem you want to write, or the memory you need to share. You'll learn how to "enter" an image, to develop shape and style from what you see, and to build your writing from "picture prompts." This is a class for any person interested in any genre, is particularly helpful for those seeking to begin, and is a godsend for more experienced writers who may feel blocked. It's also just plain fun for any participant who wants to limber up the imagination and free the mind to play with words. 


Anne-Marie Oomen

Writers Retreat Writer-in-Residence, Interlochen College of Creative Arts
Instructor of Creative Writing, Interlochen College of Creative Arts