Andy Wilson

Instructor of Music, Uketoberfest!, Interlochen College of Creative Arts

Andy Wilson is a multi-instrumentalist best-​known for his work on harmonica, trumpet, and accordion with Michigan bands Steppin’ In It, The Springtails, The Wilson Brothers, “Voice” finalist Joshua Davis, and Those Delta Rhythm Kings. At the turn of the millennium, Andy re-discovered the ukulele (it was the first instrument he played as a child), and has been an enthusiast of the instrument ever since. A lover of jazz, Andy finds his ukulele inspiration in chord-melody masters Lyle Ritz and Ohta San. Andy’s wife, Julianna, is also an accomplished ukulele player and plays together with Andy in​ their duo The Springtails. The “jumping flea” has spread to the rest of the family, resulting in The Wilson Family Ukulele Obsession, featuring Andy’s parents and sister. Andy holds a degree in Jazz Studies from Michigan State University, and loves to write ​ensemble and chord-solo arrangements for ukulele.