Brenda J. Clark

Instructor of Visual Arts, Interlochen College of Creative Arts

Full-time artist and co-owner of the Brenda J. Clark Gallery

Brenda J. Clark is a full-time artist and co-owner of the Brenda J. Clark Gallery. The gallery was established in 2003 and represents only her artwork.

Clark is recognized for her bold individual feel for a scene that will challenge you. Her brilliant colors exist not to copy an appearance, but to reveal a meaning. Subtle undertones and rich textures make you pause and study. Paintings are acrylic on paper, wood and canvas in all sizes. Her paintings begin and end on-location (outside) 99% of the time.

Previously, Clark taught within the Department of Art at Michigan State University from 1989 -1999. She received a Bachelor of Arts in 1984 from Truman State University, Kirksville, Missouri, and a Master of Fine Arts in 1989 from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. She resides in Leland, Michigan, with her spouse, Johnston M. Mitchell, and their two daughters. She was born and raised in northeast Missouri.

Artist Statement

Perhaps I should describe myself as an emotional painter... a visceral person... who not only absorbs and wears the feelings of a scene, but wants to boldly, spontaneously, and freely portray a scene before it escapes me.  The pace of my painting strokes... the color, length and thickness of each stroke... and each stroke's connection to others – each of these aspects of my expression play a role in creating the whole of a completed painting. Collectively, they represent the passionate reality that I observe.