Brenda J. Clark

Instructor of Visual Arts, Interlochen College of Creative Arts

Full-time artist and co-owner of the Brenda J. Clark Gallery

Brenda J. Clark is a full-time artist and co-owner of the Brenda J. Clark Gallery. The gallery is in its eleventh season and represents only her work.
She is recognized for her bold individual feel for a scene that will challenge you. Her brilliant colors exist not to copy an appearance, but to reveal a meaning. Subtle undertones and rich textures make you pause and study. Brenda paints with acrylic on paper, wood and canvas in all sizes. Her paintings begin and end on-location (outside) 99% of the time.

Previously, Clark taught in the Department of Art at Michigan State University from 1989 -1999. She received a Bachelor of Arts in 1984 from Truman State University, Kirksville, Missouri, and a Master of Fine Arts in 1989 from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. She resides in Leland with her spouse, Johnston M. Mitchell, and their two daughters: Helene Claire, ten, and Flora June, seven. She was born and raised in northeast Missouri.

Artist Statement

Perhaps I should describe myself as an emotional painter... a visceral person... who not only absorbs and wears the feelings of a scene, but wants to boldly, spontaneously, and freely portray a scene before it escapes me.  The pace of my painting strokes... the color, length and thickness of each stroke... and each stroke's connection to others – each of these aspects of my expression play a role in creating the whole of a completed painting. Collectively, they represent the passionate reality that I observe.