Linda Beeman

Instructor of Visual Arts, Interlochen College of Creative Arts

Dundas Valley School of Art, Dundas, Ontario, Canada; University of Kansas, Lawrence

Linda Beeman is a Michigan resident and an award-winning, environmental printmaker. Through the non-toxic water-based Japanese process of moku hanga (woodblock prints), Beeman is able to capture the subtleties of color and tone unavailable in other media to represent the common beauty of rural landscapes, lakes, rivers, wetlands and waterfalls found in her travels. Linda’s detailed prints have garnered top awards in juried competitions and her work can be found in private and corporate collections around the world. Known for both the precision of her carving and her subtle, quiet colors, Linda’s prints transport the viewer to a place worth knowing and protecting. Says Beeman, “I am taking you to a destination, a secret place that you can experience and will want to know personally. Creating a sense of stillness, peace and shelter...the journey awakens you to the vulnerability of our natural spaces. The significance of protection is stimulated and the rarely noticed or hidden becomes elevated to the sacred.”