Website Design for Non-Programmers

Taught by Chris VanWyck, an award-winning graphic artist, this workshop will focus on building a website using free and easy-to-use technology that will allow the non-programmer to create a professional website that embodies effective digital communication including data collection, e-commerce and mobile-friendly functionality.
Saturday, November 15, 2014 to Sunday, November 16, 2014

Registration Fee: $175

In this website design workshop for non-programmers, students will explore the philosophies and techniques used in the creation of dynamic website environments using free and easy-to-use technology. The course will give participants a clear understanding of the roles that content, user-experience, and information architecture play in creating simple, engaging, and effective websites. Taught by award-winning graphic artist, Chris VanWyck, this workshop will help the non-programmer learn how to create a professional website that embodies effective digital communication, is mobile-friendly, and includes data collection and e-commerce capabilities. Students will engage in a process of strategic planning, creative thinking, rapid visualization, and practical execution to create their own sites. Interlochen will provide each student with access to the internet and a Mac computer, or students may bring their own laptop and connect to the wifi network. Students should feel comfortable using a computer and should also feel comfortable using online media and creating content online.Please bring an 8” x 10” sketchbook, black Sharpie Fine Point marker, a black Sharpie Ultra Fine Point marker, #2 pencils, and a USB jump drive for digital file transport and storage.


Chris VanWyck

Instructor of Media, Interlochen College of Creative Arts