Monte Nagler

Instructor of Visual Arts, Interlochen College of Creative Arts

Monte Nagler began photographing seriously after studying with Ansel Adams. "It was during that period of intensive work that I realized that making photographs is a way to experience beauty instead of just looking at it," Nagler says. He believes that photographers should communicate feelings that are inside them. Through their photographs, a photographer should be saying: “This is what I saw and felt and I’d like to share that!”
Monte’s photographs can be found in the Detroit Institute of Arts; the University of Michigan Museum of Art; the Dayton Art Institute; the Grand Rapids Museum of Art; the Center for Creative Photography; The Brooklyn Museum; The State of Michigan; General Electric Corporation; BASF Corporation; Compuware; and Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors. Galleries and agents throughout the country also represent his photography. Monte is a noted writer, lecturer and teacher of photography and is the author of six highly successful photography books: How To Improve Your Photographic Vision; Statements Of Light; Monte Nagler’s Michigan; Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand – A Photographic Journey; Amos Walker’s Detroit (co-authored with Loren Estleman); and Quartets – Photographs In Visual Harmony. He has also conducted many classes and seminars throughout the world. Frequently, he is called upon to judge contests and to speak on photography topics on local radio and television shows.
Monte’s photographs, which have won numerous awards, are found in many private and public collections. Monte is a recipient of the prestigious Artist In Residence Award from the Farmington Area Arts Commission. He is also a member of the esteemed Camera craftsmen of America, one of 40 members worldwide. In addition to the many awards and acknowledgements Monte has received, the State of Michigan Senate and House have honored him with proclamations for his contributions to fine art photography.
Photos For Healing is a division of Monte Nagler Photography, LLC, and was created based on extensive research and testing done to verify the value of art within the healthcare environment. Monte’s vivid photographs, depicting nature and other imagery, now become a therapeutic entity.
The artwork can be produced as traditional photography, matted and framed, to a more contemporary look being mounted or printed on substrates: hardboards, canvas,
tapestry, plexi, banners, glass, metal, wood, wallpaper, or backlit acrylic.