Royce Deans

Instructor of Visual Arts, Interlochen College of Creative Arts

Royce Deans has spent his entire life in and around the art world. He is a graduate of the American Academy of Art in Chicago, where he studied drawing, illustration and painting. His paintings and drawings are represented by galleries in Michigan, Illinois, Israel and The Netherlands. Since 2008 he has developed three markedly different bodies of work - landscape, abstraction, and figurative. Rather than being difficult to manage, Royce finds that each genre direction supports the others. As an artist who loves to learn and experiment, he has collaborated on abstract work with the Dutch/Israeli painter, Tali Farchi, and with live musicians. This collaboration taught him to work in the moment. The immediacy of working this way also contributes to his landscape painting. As a plein air painter, working in the moment is essential. Royce's figurative work with a model maintains his drawing practice, and in this way, each body of work informs the others. He teaches and exhibits often in northern Michigan.

In 2013, with Tali Farchi, Royce started the ArtisTTable, an international online art community that hosts themed online art exhibitions and other live events. In recent years the organization has expanded to offer one and two-week painting retreats in various locations in Europe and the Middle East. In Royce's words, "Working with other artists in this way has opened my eyes to many new influences from around the world." Learn more about upcoming art retreats at