Genre Description: From Blog to Book

In order to help you select your preferred genre track option during registration, please find below a brief genre course description. To do that, think both of the genre you want to learn about and your own sense of adventure or desire for specific skills. Whether you come to practice, improve your skills or learn new ones, these courses are geared to help you grow, think, reflect and be inspired.

"From Blog to Book"

Web logs, better known as blogs, no longer exist on the fringe of literary culture, but are a part of it. The examples of successful blogs becoming published books are many, ranging in topics from family recipes to old postcards found in attics. The blog has become an ideal place for an emerging writer to simultaneously hone their craft while building an audience, providing instantaneous feedback from across the globe. But, where to begin? How does one find enough material to blog about, let alone capture the attention of readers? This course will help students develop their blogging voice and sense of unified narrative, expanding their writing skill-sets with the long-term purpose of turning their blog entries into a book-length manuscript. 

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Matt Gallagher

Instructor of Creative Writing, From Blog to Book faculty, Interlochen College of Creative Arts

Author, former U.S. Army Captain and veteran of the Iraq War.